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At Paragon Holidays we are committed to a company-wide, socially responsible policy addressing pressing environmental, and social needs in all the regions where we operate.

Our focus is on initiatives that offer the opportunity for our travellers to become personally involved.

We will not only make a difference in the lives of some people around Sri Lanka, but also reinforce the reputation of being the travel provider of choice for people who are committed to learning about the regions they visit and wish to support and assist projects in these regions, giving back to the areas they visit. Please write to us for more information and suggestions.

Whenever is possible, we try to encourage small groups of tourists (up to 8 persons usually) that have a smaller impact on the environment and on the communities we visit.

Most of the accommodation options chosen have not many rooms and are built with sustainable architectural criteria. For our Eco, Wildlife and Rural tours we offer a wide range of Eco-lodges. We also encourage our clients to use local service providers, from community-based Tour Guides, home stays, local restaurants and other excursions. Also, our luxury experiences are more focused on small boutique hotels with sustainability policies, rather than big mass tourism hotel chains.

Most of our tours are focused on discovering of a new culture and interaction with the local people, their villages, their culture and food. We promote unique village experiences off the beaten track, to make you enjoy your holidays as a real local.

Social Responsibility:

at Paragon Holidays we value our Chauffeurs and our Tour Guides and pay them above average, and we pay them in advance, which is far more than can be said about most of our competitors.

Environmental Responsibility:

We do not encourage activities and experiences that have a direct harm to the environment and local flora and fauna. For example we do not encourage the visit to places where animals are kept in captivity, such as the Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage. We do not promote riding elephants, as most of them are victims of exploitation and abuse for a growing mass tourism market. If you are visiting Sri Lanka, please refuse to ride elephants or avoid visiting any attraction that offers or endorses elephant rides.



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We promote – together with other local partners, international and local non profit organisations – unique community and village experiences. Some of these itineraries are different and will show you the real lifestyle of rural people, their homes and habits. You will be able to share moments with them and, if you wish, learn to cook traditional food in their kitchen. Once you are there, you might be concerned about the living conditions of some families.

Do you have more questions?

We try every day to improve our Responsible and Sustainable Tourism policies in Sri Lanka and in the community where we operate. Sometimes, due to the lack of time and the complexity of operations, we might miss some aspects. If you are travelling with us, feel free to contact us and send us our suggestions.

Are you a local community organisation or non-profit association and you want travellers to visit your project? Do not hesitate to write us and tell us about your project.

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