Back in the early 1999 – when Paragon Holidays was born over a couple of meetings with a Tour Guide – Tourism was in an early stage of development and Sri Lanka was a beautiful pearl yet to be discovered by most travellers.

However, the Internet has driven a travel revolution in the recent years. In addition to this – after a start with some travel agents in the Netherlands – Paragon Holidays has been part of this revolution, proud to be one of the niche experts for tailor-made luxury travels to Sri Lankan holidays, since 1999. Today we are in the constant search to improve our Sri Lankan experience through the use of the digital world.


We will build an entire tailor made itinerary designed around your requirements. This allows you to explore your own interests, select your own style of accommodation and travel at your own pace. You are not beholden to a group itinerary or schedule. All local travel arrangements are made using private guides and drivers wherever possible.


Travelling with Paragon Holidays will ensure you a unique experience: you will know that part of your costs will help to improve the standard of life in the rural areas of this beautiful island.

Paragon Holidays works in close cooperation with the local Social enterprises and non-profit organisations, in the promotion of project itineraries to different European and extra European markets. Tourism, according to our view, has been conceived as an income that integrates the local communities current livelihood activities and not as a form of economy that “destroys” the other existing economy (agriculture, fishery, small trade, etc.).

When we promote community-based Tourism, We try to involve the whole society: the local community guides and the other village service providers we work with (tuk-tuk drivers, families that provide lunch etc.) receive a fair price decided by them. A percentage of their profits goes to the Farmers’ Societies common fund, so that the whole community can benefit from tourism and not only very few people from the village.

Paragon Holidays does not charge any profit on these activities, but only the guiding costs. Besides, Paragon Holidays donates part of its total tour profits to the farmers’ societies involved in that specific tour. This virtual circle contributes not only with direct cash help, but also through the indirect support of small micro-businesses on a village level: Paragon Holidays is therefore recognised as a same level Social Business partner on a Fair Trade Policy and not as a charity organisation.

Travelling with Paragon Holidays will ensure you a unique experience: you will know that part of your costs will help to improve the standard of life in the rural areas of this beautiful island.


Paragon Holidays is based in Sri Lanka, so we boast the experience and knowledge that comes from being a local right here, where your journey begins. What is here today may not be the same in the future, or it has changed for the better or worse. This is also why we are a handful to the mindful discerning traveller and the valued foreign agents alike. We keep our customers updated with the latest changes; be it a small detail of their accommodation, a Spa Menu or even a new experience.

When creating your Once in a lifetime Experience or a repeated visit to the same destination, you will see that our travel advisers will design your journey considering privacy, schedule, budget, and interests and discuss with you the detailed itinerary of your experiences and your travel style. While being part of a local reality, we are in tune with the wider world. We adapt effortlessly to host different cultures in an environment that evokes well-being, supported by exceptional service and attention to detail…This absorbing mixture helps us to save immense time of our prestigious customer and be able to craft an exclusive experience in one of the following themes, or all combined if desired so.

Our Team

VINOD GORDON | Founder and Manager

Vinod Gordon founded Paragon Holidays back in 1999 in the hill country of Kandy. While travelling and fine tuning his skills in the real estate and travel and tourism industry, in 2008 he started promoting Villa Rentals in Sri Lanka. In 2011, he launched a new dedicated website for Villa Rentals. Five years have passed since then and he is happy to continue showing his beautiful pearl island to repeated and new clients who want to tour in Sri Lanka or rent a Villa.
You can contact him at this address

SABRINA ESPELETA | Web Development, SEO & Digital Marketing

Sabrina Espeleta has previously worked in Sustainable Tourism for the NGO sector and in Digital Tourism. She works as a consultant in tourism development, as well as digital marketing for tourism SMEs. She is particularly passionate about Culinary and Hiking experiences in Sri Lanka. At Paragon, she takes care of all the technical aspects of the Paragon Holidays websites (Sri Lanka Driver Guides, Paragon Holidays and Villa in Sri Lanka), including SEO, Digital Marketing and Web Development.
You can contact her at this address.



Paul loves driving his car all around Sri Lanka and sometimes showing his country to travellers from all around the world. He is constantly updated with new local experiences and products islandwide: from community-based experiences to adventure excursions, from challenging trekking and hiking paths or to culinary classes in a small village.
He keeps Paragon Holidays constantly updated on new and unique experiences to offer to our travellers.


CHANDRA SEKARAN | Transport Coordinator

Sekaran is Paragon Holidays’ transport coordinator who is in charge of providing the best transport, drivers and Tour Guides in Sri Lanka. With over 20 years of experience and excellent English Skills, Sekaran is also a reliable driver.

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