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20 Mins from Sigiriya, 3.30 hrs from Colombo International Airport.

A perfect Eco Hideaway in the Cultural Triangle. The small wattle and daub restaurant / lounge area is situated in a central clearing overlooking a man made pond. Guests can sleep in a tree house or a wooden cottage on stilts that incorporates the natural landscape, including trees and large granite boulders. Go on a nature trail with the in-house naturalist and on the way back, cool off with a dip in the Dehigahaela. Once back at the retreat, indulge in sumptuous traditional rice and curry meal cooked in clay pots. Life at this truly eco-retreat is unhurried. This is nature at its best. The Eco retreat in the cultural triangle spreads over seven acres of wilderness with plenty of birds and, intermittently, even the occasional wild elephant passing by. The Cultural Triangle sites of Sigiriya, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and the wildlife parks of Minneriya, Kaudulla and Wasgomuva can be accessed from here.


•    Eco minded travellers
•    Those seeking tranquility
•    Those who enjoy nature at its best
•    To explore Sri lanka’s Cultural triangle |Sigiriya | Anuradhapura | Polonnaruwa | Dambulla


4 lodges, accommodating up to 10 adults. Separate driver's and tour guide's quarters are available.

First tree House:
Built into a spreading Damba tree, this follows the pale structure in many ways, except the toilet and shower! A modern open plan toilet and hot & cold shower has been built at the base of the tree. The large sleeping area is on a double layer platform supported by the main branches of the Damba tree. The upper platform easily accommodates three adults or a family. Sit on the lower platform and look out to the distant Nuwaragala mountains or keep watch for elephants in the night.

Second tree House:
This is based on the watch hut, butit is built on the high branches of the Kon tree, when the clearing was used for cultivation. It is the smallest and most basic of the lodges and accommodates three twin mattresses. The property has added a space for relaxing at ground level as well as modern toilet and shower facilities. The hot water system is still not installed to this unit. Due to the height of the sleeping deck, we think it is best if only adults - with a good head for heights! use this lodge.

Boulder Cottage 1:
Built incorporating two huge granite boulders that are embedded in the forest slope, this lodge is barely visible from the open green. The large wooden platform that makes up the upper floor can accommodate three adults, and is ideal for a family. The modern toilet and hot & cold shower leads off from the upper deck and is built into the side of the granite boulder. For idling your time away, a huge flat granite slab acts as the mezzanine floor, with the trees and stars as the roof. At the ground level it is designed a living area curving itself around another giant boulder.

Boulder Cottage 2:
A gal debokka (space to climb in between boulders) and a gal ande (stone bed) provided the inspiration for this cottage. Red brick steps lead between the boulders to the upper deck which can accommodate up to two adults or a small family. The lower living area is set around the broad gal ande curving around a boulder. The modern attached toilet and hot & cold shower is set into hill side leading directly from the sleeping deck.


The restaurant is near a lounge area, which also has a library offering books on Sri Lanka’s wildlife and cultural heritage.

Sri Lankan cuisine is served here cooked with fresh vegetables from the village. There is a limited choice of meats.

Solar power is used for h/w and electricity and water on tap is from the well.

The manager here is also a naturalist who is happy to share his knowledge and experience as well as accompany guest on bird watching and nature trails. There is also a cook and caretaker.


•    Go bird watching and trekking in the surrounding wilderness.
•    Explore the remote village of Alakolaweva with its wattle and daub village homes, paddy fields and wayside boutiques.
•    Visit the ruins of the ancient Kaludiya Pokuna located 4 kms away.
•    Although the large expanse of Minneriya National Park border is just behind this property, the entrance gates are 20 kms away.
•    Visit the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, which is only about 20 minutes from here.
•    Venture further to Dambulla rock temple, the ruined cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa or the large selection of mystical cultural triangle sites.


•    Our TOP accommodation choice for our Eco Holidays
•    Best spot to explore ancient cities of Sri Lanka, such as Sigiriya, Dambulla and Polonnaruwa.
•    Easy to Explore Minneriya and Kaudulla national parks from here.

•    Mosquitoes specially in the evenings
•    If you are afraid of frogs in the room and occasionally seeing a snake, this is not the place for you!
•    The road to the place is very bumpy. Expect 20 minutes of rough road. But the trip really is worth the effort.
•    Possible sighting elephants nearby and during the evening. If this scares you, don’t go here!


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