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Jetwing Vil Uyana


4 hours from International Airport.

Deep in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka an ancient marvel stands proud – the world renowned rock fortress of Sigiriya. A hotel that pays homage to its beauty and uniqueness, also sits hidden quietly in the plains of its shadow. Here, turn back 2000 years and imagine life as it was. With a deep satisfied sigh the dark cloak of night gives in to the break of day. In the distance a lone Nightjar bids a last farewell. The eastern sky brightens with a rosy blush as wispy swirls of blue mist lets go of the water and hangs still in the air. A gentle breeze parts its soft veil to offer a fleeting glimpse of dark steeped silhouettes rising up above the lake, the occasional glow of golden lamps still twinkle invitingly.
Has one come upon an enchanted world? Where man and nature were once one and lived unhindered in perfect companionship? Could such a haven still exist? Deep in the heart of our island paradise it hides amongst the reeds, revealing its rustic treasures to those who seek its serene beauty, offering untold comforts fit for ancient royalty and the requisite indulgences for everyone in the present. Welcome to the matchless wonder of Jetwing Vil Uyana – the privilege is yours. And when you have enjoyed all we have for you, you will discover why we are a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World too. Did you know that this hotel was possibly the first in the world to create a man-made wetland with a spectrum of water-based and forested habitats on land previously used for slash and burn agriculture thereby greatly increasing the area’s biodiversity. Presently 80 species of birds, 17 species of mammals, 36 species of butterflies and 21 species of amphibians are found within hotel premises?


•    Natural luxury
•    Eco-Friendly Ultra Luxury Holiday escape in Sri lanka
•    Want to Get Married here?
•    The Best honeymoon escape in the Cultural triangle, Sri Lanka
•    Run & Hide holidays
•    For Absolute tranquility & Bliss


Gleaming yellow, the sun bleached thatch roofs rise over the swaying fields of green paddy. Sturdy stilts lift spacious, open structures hovering above the water; the distinctive charms of Jetwing Vil Uyana set it apart in the historic locale of Sigiriya. Hotel accommodation that is sumptuous in both style and comfort will embrace you body, mind and soul.
Wilderness cohabits peacefully with the gentle bustle of humanity. Find here, a luxurious retreat blending in with a thriving eco-system of specially created wetland in the heart of the dry north central plains: following the lost traditions of ingenious rulers of our past who built great lakes and waterways to sustain their kingdom at Sigiriya: luxury accommodation at its most unique, a stay here is one you will find hard to forget.
What indeed should one wake up to? The gentle lapping of lake beneath you, the tender fronds of rice plants around you, the rustle of reed beds or the lush green curtain of woodland? What would your habitat be: Water, paddy, marsh or forest? Four exquisite forms of luxurious dwellings await your choice and 25 in all. Their native rural simplicity is deeply deceptive, for their inner sanctums are unspeakably lavish, sparing nothing by way of superior 21st century necessities.

Water Dwellings
The eco haven of Jetwing Vil Uyana is a beautifully serene retreat near the cultural hub of Dambulla. Hotels in the surrounds of this historic town cater to the needs of visitors in varied form, but as a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the world, Jetwing Vil Uyana is set apart as one of a kind.
Possibly one of the first in the world to construct a wetland system with lakes and reed beds to form a private nature reserve the Water Dwellings breathtaking habitats with the rooms built over the lake. Three very special havens that transport you to an ethereal world, cosy comforts await you within its fold too.
Woven ceilings reach high, wooden floors so cool to step on to, and space – a vast expanse of it, is yours to rule. Muted colours and white linen complement to perfection the tones of woven reed that form an essential part of the decor. Out on your private balcony watch the blue water lilies and pink lotuses float by as the herons perch unflappable on the long wooden walkways that lead to your room.

List of facilities:
    individually controlled air-conditioning
    Electric Power – 220 to 240V
    Telephone with IDD facility
    Private Bar
    20″ LCD Television with satellite channels
    Bathroom equipped with luxury bathtub and separate enclosure
    Hot and cold water
    Tea/coffee making facility
    Electronic safe
    BOSE home entertainment system
    Hair dryer
    Magnifying shaving mirror and light
    Sarongs and slippers
    Iron and ironing board
    Umbrella and Torch
    Lounge Area
    Selection of books/CDs and DVDs on request

Paddy/Marsh Dwelling
One of the most unique hotels in Dambulla and in the cultural triangle, the paddy and marsh dwellings at Jetwing Vil Uyana offer a refreshingly different stay. Surrounded by the ever changing colours of paddy cultivations and the clear blue skies to go with them, you have eleven marsh or paddy dwellings to choose your haven from.
Blending perfectly with their respective habitats, each dwelling is built on stilts over marsh or paddy field giving you a sense of being at one with the natural environs that surround you so closely. All are equally expansive and creatively furnished in traditional rustic style with all the modern amenities you need as standard in each one.
Of the six marsh dwellings, two have a wide private deck overlooking the scrubland and the marshes, whilst four marsh dwellings and all paddy dwellings vary in basic design. . All paddy and marsh dwellings have their own deck with inspiring views across the scrubland or the paddy fields.
Two marsh dwellings and all paddy dwellings also have a private plunge pool set into the surroundings, where you may easily be tempted to enjoy an entire day of submerged leisure if you feel so.

List of facilities:
    individually controlled air-conditioning
    Electric Power – 220 to 240V
    Telephone with IDD facility
    Private Bar
    20″ LCD Television with satellite channels
    Bathroom equipped with luxury bathtub and rain shower
    Hot and cold Water
    Tea/Coffee making facility
    Electronic safe
    BOSE home entertainment system
    Hair dryer
    Magnifying shaving mirror and light
    Sarongs and slippers
    Iron and ironing board on request
    Umbrella and torch
    Lounge area
    Selection of books/CDs and DVDs on request

Forest Dwellings
One of the most distinctive in the historic district of Dambulla, hotel accommodation that is heavenly in more ways than one is yours in the Forest dwellings at Jetwing Vil Uyana. Built from earth and stone to merge seamlessly into their forest habitat, these two story dwellings are delightfully rustic on the outside, yet sumptuously indulgent on the inside – and you have 10 to select yours from.
Each, an expansive refuge of absolute comfort with plenty of room to simply linger, laze around and enjoy at first hand, the wonderful stories Mother Nature unfolds at your very door, every minute of the day and night. Every modern facility one takes for granted, is tastefully concealed within, so you never have to miss out on any luxury. The decor is stylishly simple, with natural tones and crisp whites rhyming in harmony with the muted shades of woven reeds and rattan.
Built on two levels, every forest dwelling has a spacious bedroom with a lounge area. Downstairs, a dining room and a wonderfully tempting private swimming pool fuses perfectly with the surrounding forest backdrop – a place where you can dip in, close your eyes and imagine yourself completely at one with nature.

List of facilities:
    individually controlled air-conditioning
    Electric Power – 220 to 240V
    Telephone with IDD facility
    Private Bar
    20″ LCD Television with satellite channels
    Bathroom equipped with luxury bathtub and rain shower
    Hot and cold Water
    Tea/Coffee making facility
    Electronic safe
    BOSE home entertainment system
    Hair dryer
    Magnifying shaving mirror and light
    Sarongs and slippers
    Iron and ironing board on request
    Umbrella and Torch
    Lounge area
    Selection of books/CDs and DVDs on request

Garden Dwellings
Legend has it that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a Wonder that is now lost, was created by an ancient king for love of his wife. A timeless tale, one with much meaning and symbolism and one to be remembered. A modern Wonder, Jetwing Vil Uyana is possibly the world’s first luxury eco-resort constructed on a man-made wetland, and features 25 rustic dwellings spread over 4 habitats – Water, Forest, Marsh, and Paddy.
The property, a proud member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, is constantly described as ‘unique’ and a favourite amongst many from countries near and far. Now, Jetwing Vil Uyana grows, with the addition of 5 Garden dwellings – unmatched comfort, completely one and within nature at her finest. Featuring the latest in modern amenities, the Garden dwellings beckon, with the promise of serenity, adventure, and perfect moments.


A breath of night breeze drifts in. The candles flicker in protest and cast a fleeting glow on the cut-glass crystal. Lovingly prepared culinary masterpieces beg your appraisal. Fine dining at The Apsara is indeed a princely affair. With commanding views by day of the Lion’s Rock at Sigiriya, restaurants that offer such a stately atmosphere and variety of gourmet fare, is uncommon in the vicinity.
Prefer things less grand? The ‘Sulang’ will keep you replete all day long with light bites and refreshing drinks. For a stronger mix, the Graffiti Bar awaits, well stocked with an array of liquid treasures to impress the most discerning connoisseur – who may in fact, opt to dine in our splendid wine cellar itself.
Go traditional, experience an authentic Sri Lankan ‘harvesting’ feast on a ‘Kamatha’ or threshing ground. You can of course, dine anywhere you wish: choose your spot, tell us when, what and how – and it’s yours.

The Apsara: With magnificent views across the lake of the Sigiriya rock, the best of fine dining and an extensive menu of Eastern and Western fare as well as the best of local cuisine is yours to sample.
The Sulang: Cool breeze and casual fare are yours at the Sulang, where you can simply lay back and enjoy the luxury of watching nature perform, while you partake in some light refreshment.
The Graffiti Bar: The best of spirits – both liquid and otherwise are yours at the unusually designed Graffiti Bar, if the drinks don’t inspire you, the frescoes certainly will.

A uniquely designed and sumptuous hotel in Sigiriya in the cultural triangle, Jetwing Vil Uyana is a haven of peace and tranquillity. Enchantment will fill your senses: inspire your soul and leave you breathless wanting more. Tempting though it maybe to bask in the quietude of our abode, there is much to entice you away.
The beauty of the natural surrounds will make you want to venture and explore – and there is plenty of activity if you wish to pursue it. The infinity pool merging into the lake is large, and inviting enough to draw attention even from the rightful inhabitants of the water, who often hover in the vicinity unconcerned by your presence.
The acreage of the property is vast and plenty of treks and walks beg to be taken to investigate the lush natural habitat up close – the bird, and the beasts rarely raise a protest. You can venture further afield on a bike ride; why not take a picnic meal with you too.
If peaceful inaction is more your style our Yoga instructor will help you find inner solace through meditation. You can in fact, do nothing at all and laze all day on your terrace or plunge pool, or the incredibly snug library with a tranquil view across the lake and some inspiring volumes to interest you. You can wander into the little gift shop and discover some exquisite treasures to take home too.

List of Facilities:
    Teak floors
    Individual air conditioning
    Telephone and IDD facility
    Email and internet access and free Wi-Fi
    Mini bar
    Tea and coffee making facilities
    Large scenic private balcony or terrace
    Safety locker
    Cable TV with BOSE entertainment system
    In –room dining
    Hot/cold shower and bath
    Private pool / plunge pool in some dwellings
    Slippers and sarongs

If a holistic holiday experience where you are totally at one with nature is what you seek, you will find pure heaven at the Jetwing Vil Uyana Spa. Hotels in Sigiriya that offer an unparalleled range of luxurious treatments as we do are few, and we have an Ayurveda and naturopathy treatment centre as well as a separate spa for you to indulge in. And, the serene beauty of our idyllic location and the utter sense of harmony and unity with the rustic environment we offer you are certainly unmatched.
Enter our world of bliss, and your imagination becomes reality; dwell in the sheer delights of our Island Spa – a private haven where absolute peace and perfect luxury awaits to heal and pamper your entire being. Let your tensions give up their hold to a relaxing body massage; your cares flee as the soothing scents of aromatherapy care engulf you. Watch your worries float away as you soak in the restoring swirls of the plunge pool. So why leave these pleasures, stay and indulge in a romantic candle-lit Spa dinner for two; the world can wait.

If paradise is what you seek for your wedding and honeymoon, discover a little paradise to start your life together. Wedding packages in Sri Lanka are exactly what dreams are made of; and where better to say ‘I do’ than amidst the wonderfully exotic, exquisite luxury of Jetwing Vil Uyana.
Steeped in culture and traditions that date back more than 2000 years, you can revisit the past glory in all its romance, legend and pageantry in a traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony at a location simply like no other in the world. Ideal for small intimate gatherings, we can accommodate all your requirements to the last detail.
Our extensive menus cover buffets, a la carte options, to signature dining experiences that will make your wedding even more unique. The serene locality and the breathtaking beauty of the hotel and its distinctive architecture make a perfect backdrop for an unusual wedding, and the vast grounds of lush natural habitat also provide ample opportunity to pick the perfect spot for a ceremony like no other too.

Jetwing Vil Uyana Wedding Packages
Silver Wedding Package
Gold Wedding Package
Platinum Wedding Package


It is one of the best bases to explore the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura (the country’s first capital), Polonnaruwa ruins (Sri Lanka’s second capital dates back to 1000 AD) and then the nearby Sigiriya Rock (5th century)and Dambulla cave temples (which date back to the 1st century BC) are just a stone throw away.
Ask our guide to drive you to the spot to take a Safari at the Minneriya national park or Kaudulla Nationa park.
The "Popham Arboretum" is an interesting excursion to gain insight into the trees and foliage of the dry zone. Situated about 15 km from the Vil Uyana on the Kandalama road, this is one of the few arboretums in the country where more than 68 different species of dry zone trees can be identified.
Arrange a trip on a hot air balloon and enjoy an aerial view at dawn or sunset of the stunning landscape of jungle, rocky outcrops, and National Parks (Best during November-April).


•    You Can walk from here to Sigiriya Rock, great base for exploring the Cultural Sight of Sri Lanka
•    All rooms are generally maintained to very high quality standard.
•    A first-class chef , wines & service.
•    Recommended for families.
•    Absolute privacy and good for honeymoon Highs
•    Forest villa, they are the best!!

•    The only issue can be the mosquitoes!!



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