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Our core team includes the two founders, Vinod Gordon (An IATA Travel consultant) and Suppiah Alagendran, Sabrina (Project Manager and consultant) and Palitha (an experienced and talented Cook, a Florists & bridal dresser, very experienced in hospitality sector). All of us have spent many years travelling extensively to some of the world's most far-flung locations. We are a team of freelance photographers, managers, creative writers and travel industry experts who travel Sri Lanka and the world visiting and reviewing new places.




FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vinod developed his style for uncovering secrets through the last 15 years, working as a Travel consultant in Sri Lanka. Here he investigated Tourism, Cultural, environmental and fair trade rights and fair labour issues and provided critical intelligence to Sri Lankan Tourism.
With his passion of of travel and adventure, high grades in Geography, Social Studies, postgrades in Tourism, and an extraordinary thirst for discovering the special and unusual, Vinod spent his time between investigations and agreements, looking out some of the Sri Lanka’s most unspoilt and unique locations. He has travelled in over 20 countries: in the near future he is planning to explore South America, where he plans to enjoy discovering the painting surreal murals in mountain villages, sampling the Andean cactus fruits and avoiding piranhas in the Amazon.




As one of the "silent" Strategic Directors of the company, he plays a big role in giving advise in new business challenges and partnerships.
He has seen more History of this country than all the one you can read on the books and his knowledge about the island - from travels to politics - is worth enjoying. Retired from his past professional job, he joined Paragon Holidays in 2000 as a Director and Strategic Advisor and at 70 years of age he is still fitter than a modern day office Job employee.



RESPONSIBLE TOURISM CONSULTANT - SPANISH, LATIN AMERICAN AND ITALIAN MARKETS | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Having been bitten as a teenager by the travel bug whilst tripping in South America to find her ancestors (in Argentina), Sabrina never quite escaped the draw of making the most of every holiday. She holds a degree in International Relations at University of Bologna (Italy) and a masters in Migration policies (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina). With more than 6 years spent in the Non-Profit Sector as a Project Manager, specializing in Volunteering, Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Tourism, she worked hardly to spread this new philosophy in different countries and projects. Now she moved to the profit sector, believing that it is possible to make a difference through sustainable and committed private business with a strong social mission. She is supporting Paragon Holidays in the development of Eco, Agro and Responsible tourism Holidays: her experience and exposure in Agro-tourism, Community Tourism and Fair Trade principles are greatly contributing to the quality of the itineraries we offer. Sabrina brings, with her management experience and travel insights, the inside knowledge to run and deliver some unmatched itinerary concepts to Paragon. You can write her in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


 windhya webWindhya


Our numbers magician! She is the one in charge of paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork! Admin & Finance is her passion, but also she loves Human Resources Management and her beloved city, Colombo. After her first career experiences in a shipping company as Finance Manager, she worked for USAID (post-tsunami projects) and an Italian INGO, being the Finance, Administration and HR Manager for the Sri Lankan projects. She has an extensive experience in office procedures, procurement, logistics and administration, as well as HR Management. For Paragon Holidays, Windhya is also in charge of all Reservations; she will also be the smiling voice at the phone when you land in Sri Lanka and when you need any logistical support during your unforgettable Sri Lankan Experience.




"PALI" is well known in the office for being full of energy and good humour. He is an adventurer at heart: his favourite way to travel is by LOCAL BUSES; his favourite way to sleep is in THE NATURE and his favourite areas include Kandy and the Cultural triangle. Born in Sri Lanka, lived his childhood and youth in The Netherlands. His travel experience started when he was 10: he is back in Sri Lanka now, sharing his Dutch experiences. Pali has more than 25 Years experience as a florist: this is his Specialty, his Masters and his Passion. Life is all about flowers for him: in fact, he says he can talk to them…Flowers decorations to any events (specialized in wedding related décors) to Bridal Bouquets, to any occasion. It is hard to find someone like him. On top of this gift, he is also blessed with cooking: literally, everything he touches turns into some magical plate. This is also why we have one tour designed with him in mind, where he takes part in teaching you some traditional dishes of Tamils and SinhaleseHowever, this does not rule him out when it comes to western cuisine, with his exposures in the Kitchen department and Hospitality Trade (worked for John Keells – Cinnamon Lodge for more than 7 years) he prepares mouth-watering dishes that cannot be missed. All above talents and exposure he is delighted to work with Paragon Holidays guests and share something you can take back home. Palitha is also our expert in Wedding Arrangements for your dreamed weddings in Sri Lanka. Always keeps everyone smiling. Pali loves to help organize arrivals, drivers, guides and fine tune trips in all the little details, to make them experiences of a lifetime. 


SrilalfaceSri Lal

The Magic of Paragon Holidays, he is wanted by many. This means he does not just sit at the office and handle our transport fleet, which consists of Drivers & Guides, but he guides tours himself and takes charge of the Drivers/Guides who are under his direct responsibility.
As the President of the Sri Lanka Guides association at the Sri Lanka Tourist Board for the last 5 years, he is also more aware about the new faces and the old faces in the trade and knows about tiny little details visitors look for.  Since he moves around, he is practically exposed to everyday interviews and chats with Drivers and Guides. We fully rely on his capabilities and judgments, where guides need to be selected. His Mathematical degree doesn’t just make him a Guide who walked into this trade where he had no options to opt for a highly paid job.
His education on History and his special sense of Humor are the key to attract many of our past visitors to request him on their next visits: for this, he is a bit expensive and on demand. So you want to book him, then you better be lucky. We have nearly 25-30 Guides working for us, all of them are a selection of Sri Lal and he chooses them as they match certain criteria and standards he sets. A combination of Sri Lal and Pali on a culinary journey will certainly make you laugh…





Sudarshan is really "Swiss": he takes his job seriously and up to the task. He handles all our big coach transfers, welcoming of clients, as well as small groups' transport, he ensures the transport functions smoothly and without any issues. Sudarshan is a whizz with figures, numbers and rates. He enjoys the travel industry because of the opportunity to meet different people, fulfill their requirements and to travel widely. His favourite part of the island is his native town of Negombo. Sudarshan is a proud father of 2 Girls and enjoys drinking Sri Lankan style Plain tea during work.


Paragon Holidays is a registered Private Limited company in Sri Lanka. Founded in 1999, Registration No. 48263 and 20139 under The Companies Act: No 17 of 1982 and No 7 of 2007.

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